SEO Cheat Sheet

Employee Task List

Keyword Research

1. Make a list of competing sites.
2. Brainstorm a list of keyword phrases.
3. Run your list of phrases through the Google Keyword Tool (select Exact)
4. Find # of competing sites for each keyword and subtract from Global Monthly Searches. Use command allintitle “keyword phrase”

On-site optimization

1. Title, meta description, meta tags
2. H1, H2, H3, H4, bold, italics, underline, capitalization of first letters
3. Alt image attributes
4. Internal links
5. URL
6. Menu titles
7. link anchor text
8. bullet list
9. larger text
10. Outbound/Outside links “no follow” (ahref=”” rel=”nofollow”>

Create Content

1. Summarize a link with keyword laden summary
2. Hire writers:,,,
3. Content development:,
4. Video Site
5. Review Site
6. Certification Site
7. Link Directory
8. Blog
9. Use other people’s public content: product info, websites and newsletters, government sites, content syndication, traditional syndication services, RSS syndication feeds,
10. search result page with favorite keywords
11. press releases
12. Q&A area
13. forums and message boards
14. blog
15. content before 1923 has no copyright
16. government info
17. donated content
(stay out of copyright jail
19. convert pdf to text
20. locate newsletters:,,
21. government articles, search site: .gov keywords
22. Creat a Link Wheel
24. bundle services to smaller businesses
25. link directory/hub
26. syndicated articles

Submit your url

1. Yahoo
2. Google
3. MSN
4. XML sitemap submission .robots.txt
6. If you own multiple sites then new account for EACH
Sitemap.xml in root directory
7. Python script –
10. Robots.txt sitemap:
11. Ping
12. Submit programs and services
13. Submits to directories
14. Local directory listings-register box as suite # costs $299
yahoo local
yellow pages
super pages
verizon super pages (
yahoo yellow pages
SBC smart pages
Amazon reviews
Google local
insider pages
media baestro
reach local
MSN local
Google maps
Bing local
Ask local (4939)
Universal business listing
$25 google tags
city listings, nation wide coverage for each city
Use company that improves reviews
review sites


1. Forum profiles and posts with signatures

Buy 10,000 Forum Profile Keyword Phrase Backlinks at

Keyword search and look for discussion groups with signatures when posting.

2. Social Bookmarking
Bookmarking demon (
delicious, stumble upon

3. Article syndication
article libraries
syndication services
different version of article for each service
use submitYourArticle, use article leverage system
article submitter pro software-add keyworded links, submit only to directories that
allow keyword links inside the articles writers must be approved verify authors and allow feedback

Article demon with spinning (
Article marketing robot (

give away content, then syndicate it

automated services

4. Press release syndication
accouncement sites $495
free and low cost services
look for industry journals in field that accept press releases-check TOS for keyword links

contact email newsletters

5. Link Directory submission

Hubs and neighborhoods trustrank, no link farms
cnet automated program
paid link directories

Google “add url keyword”
Submit site keyword
keyword add url
SEO elite program $40 for good directory

Search keyword directory
Filtered keyword directory – – –
(avoid ones that pull from dmoz)

Buy paid links
Buy do follow ads
link popularity, link building purchases on,,

8. Blog commenting
do follow blog comments type “list of do follow blogs”, keywordluv, commentluv blogs
Findablog automation
Blog comment demon (
Scrapebox (
SEnuke (

guest write for blogs and reach out to bloggers personally

get bloggers to write about your site with PR story hook

use a service to buy links from blogs

9. Reciprocal linking, link exchange
Hire emailers
message and ask nice informal and chatty email explain why your site is useful for their
visitors, get added to their blog’s favorite sites box
use link building software and services, link exchange program

10. Product Indexes
nextag – datafeed file, datafile
classified ads
Ecommerce and merchant sites – Ebay, Amazon

11. Have associates help
websites of friends and family
employees use signature in web-based discussion groups
contact association sites – have link pages for members sometimes
contact manufacturers’ websites as a retailer
contact companies you do business with to get on client list
become a featured client, use as example of services
offline PR, print version of article goes to web
apply for online awards

12. link bait
promote something on your site
glossary directory
technical dictionary
catch people’s attention

syndicating utilities – give away web utilities and let people place on their site if they link
back to your site with keywords

15. find competitor’s backlinks and ask them to link to you too
Google “backlink checker tool”

Video submission syndication to Youtube, Vimeo, etc.
transcription, rss feed submission (mediaRSS)
use term “video” in links title and description along with keywords
watermark with url
embedded and not pop up
use annotation tool in Youtube and use keywords
include link on first line
Youtube allows a transcription file
video upload services –, – posts links to video on social networking sites,

tumblr syndication
linkedin group and profiles with company url
facebook fanpage and ads-banner, newletter signup, like this banner, video
like button over pictures gallery
facebook box and like box
import blog to page through “notes” section
apps: static FBML, twitter
use for facebook group
add a fan box to your site
track facebook leads with landing page – custome url with url shortening
apps for “ads and pages” for analytics, business “insights” page under “recent page

twitter –, follow the followers of the competition and re-tweet
twiiter dirs –,
“please RT” <130 chars to leave room for name free program monitor phrases free track phrases real time, can have conversation with anyone twitter tracking with url shortening –,,, url builder tool track with analytics RSS feed Myspace has follow links windows live spaces flickr Podcast/youtube cast with transcription into articles for blog/article syndication GOOGLE ADWORDS campaigns > segmentation options > ad content – how each version performed
reporting – google analytics to link account (leave automatically tag box checked)

keywords bid on
matched search query – what people actually typed
placement domain > domains in the content network with ads
ad format – how each add is performing, text versus image
targeting type – keyword searches or specific ad placements on content network sites
display url- subdirectory/domain/capitalization

keywords reports traffic sources>how much to bid>Adwords -keywords (side menu)
>day parts- which time of day

adwords>destination urls (emetrics)

landing page testing and optimization software > google’s free website optimizer

traffic sources>adwords>placements – delete placement on sites that don’t convert
keyword positions>see performance of locations top vs. right above natural – see
revenue generation, position breakdown by revenue

campaign tracking traffic sources> ad traffic sournces campaigns

campaign tagging 1. campaign:red boxes 2. medium: banner 3. 4. version: red gradient

uses normal URL + campaign variables
tool google analytics url builder search, campaign tagging

email taggin utm campaign = seminars
source = newsletters 4s
medium =email
content=link or button

all lower case and same exactly for campaign tagging

-fix penalty checker
links to bad neighborhoods
doorway pages
hidden text

EDUCATION – genius at linking copywriter
growing search terms

google tool bar link popularity, search engine saturation, keyword verify monitor, keyword density neatobacklink tool, search combination tool validators, w3c markup validation duplicate content

anonymous browsing ip masking where links come from anchor text and value acrank $167 program
opensite explorer
301 redirect from to
page speed
sew searchenginewatch forums

check position

check links $

check quality/traffic -estimate

firebug – firefox code checker tools, addons, get add ons

check keyword density

check analytics
brain cliftons advanced webmetricle with google analytics

phoe call tracking
larger company – (can have many numbers)

301 redirect

multiple sites with different contacts and different c block

for designers go to and look at project winners, guru elance odesk

usuability – dont make me think by steve krug

Wordpress Plugins
wp-dp-backup sent to email
akismet spam filter paid
all in one seo pack
wptouch iphone theme
wp-typography symbols stats api key
contact form 7
fancy box for wordpress
sharedaddy twitter fb etc.
wp-page navi – blog with a lot of content
wickett twitter widget
wp super cache
google analytics input
awesome google adsense
Akismet API key
wp db backup
setting permalinks check custom structure %category%/%postname%
can change slug of each post
all in one seo pack, check update options